The Ultimate Dance Party Game

Who is the imposter?

Created by TikTok sensation 'The Famileigh'

Welcome to “Who Is The Imposter?” – the ultimate family mobile app game that turns dance and music into a hilarious challenge! Get ready for a toe-tapping experience where everyone dances to the same beat, except for one sneaky imposter with a different tune in their headphones. Can you spot the impostor in the dance floor mayhem?

4 Simple steps

How to play

Create a game.

First of all you can create a game and give your friends and family the code so they can join!

Choose a playlist.

Do you want to dance to some 80’s hits or bust some moves to some R&B? We have a playlist for everyone!

Bust some moves.

Let the dance-off begin! You need to make it look like you are dancing to the same song as everyone else!

Choose the imposter.

Who’s moves didn’t quite go with the song? Pick out the imposter and vote for them!

Created by The Famileigh

As seen on TikTok

Imposter Dance Challenge has over 0.5 billion views in 3 months
Over 3 million followers
Over 55M Likes

Created by The Famileigh

As seen on TikTok

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